Umhlatuze Finance


It’s hassle free cash until your next payday with Umhlatuze finance, a short term credit provider that caters for those unforeseen expenses before payday.

Sometimes expense which you had not budgeted for in the month can cause you to borrow cash.

Whether your car is in need of repair or in need of a new battery or your child loses their school blazer at school. I mean life happens and Umhlatuze finance is a friend indeed when it’s money you need.

As Umhlatuze finance provides money through the easiest way to get cash these days, online.

Where you can apply, qualify and get paid within 24 hours any amount from R300 – R3000. It all depends on how much you need. With a flexible loan repayment of between 1-6 months.

And since their loan service is online from start to finish. During the application process expect no paperwork to complete, documents to fax or queues to stand in. Just use the sliders on the home page to decide exactly how much cash you want to borrow and how many days you need it for.

Use your next pay day as the repayment date and you’ll be shown the full cost upfront and, once you’re happy, click apply. That simple!

And of course just like any other responsible lender credit checks will be done by Umhlatuze finance, so best be honest.

And on your chosen date, collection of a single payment from your bank account is done. Therefore ensure the required funds are available to avoid incurring default charges.

The loan also comes with an automatic Credit Protection included in your loan. This is in case of death, disability or retrenchment. And the cover includes a death benefit of up to R 5000 paid out directly to the family at no additional fee.

Requirements to get a loan with Umhlatuze finance:

  1. You have to be over 18 years and less than 65 years old.
  2. You have to be an employed, South African resident with an active South African bank account, own email address and cell phone. And you should not be on Debt Review or Administration.


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