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Whether you use e-filing for Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) or go to the labour office to file a claim for your returns. If you’re looking to claim from UIF, it’s beneficial to understand the processes, time frames and UIF money.

You’ll only start receiving your benefits up to eight weeks after registering. This is the maximum time it should take for payments to start coming through. And you’ll receive payments every four weeks until your benefits are exhausted.

The UIF was set up by government to provide interim relief to workers who are between jobs and also to women on maternity leave. Unpaid leave for people seeking adoption benefits and for people who’re sick for a two week period or more and for family members left behind upon the death of their breadwinner.

You cannot claim UIF under the following circumstances:

  • if you were suspended from your job because you committed fraud;
  • if you quit your job;
  • if you refused training or advice;
  • if you already qualify for a benefit from an unemployment fund under the Labour Relations Act;
  • if you already receive benefits from the Compensation Fund.

You can lodge a UIF claim if your employer goes bankrupt, your contract ends, or you’re fired or retrenched.

If you’ve been paying UIF contributions deducted from your salary by your employer for four years or more, then you can claim for up to eight months. If you’ve been contributing for a shorter period, then you can claim one day for every six days that you worked while you were contributing to the fund.

If you take maternity leave, you can only claim up to 121 days. The fund pays a percentage of the salary that you earned while you were contributing to the fund. The highest amount that can be paid is 58% of what you earned per day.

The amount that you’ll be paid is determined differently depending on the amount of your monthly salary.

And it’s important to claim your UIF earnings six months after of not working as you’ll no longer be eligible for UIF once you start working.

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