Unique Business Ideas That Made Millions In South Africa

uniquw bussiness idees

Starting a business is challenging venture to undertake. This is why it becomes even more special when the business that you start goes on to amass millions in revenue.

South Africa has a number of innovative business minds who have developed successful businesses that have gone on to generate millions in revenue. From South African-born tech guru Elon Musk, who co-founded PayPal, to Stephen Saad, who has an estimated net-worth of $2.1 Billion, South Africa has a growing number of success stories.

Saad is the founder of Aspen Pharmacare, the biggest pharmaceutical company in Africa, and became a millionaire at age 29. Aspen Pharmacare’s reach extends to 150 countries and continues to expand its global footprint.

Taking a look at more unique business ideas that made millions in South Africa:

Yola Inc

Vinny Lingham founded Yola Inc, a popular free web-building, publishing and hosting service site.  Yola has attracted over $30 million in venture capital financing from investors.

Lingham previously founded Click-2- Customers, a successful Search Engine Marketing company that makes about $100 million in annual revenues.


Herman Heunis founded Mxit, a social networking site and free online instant messenger. The service found immense popularity in the South African when it was launched.  In 2012, the company was sold to World of Avatar for an estimated $61 million. Considered one of many unique business ideas that made millions in South Africa, MXit is a true South African business success story.


Founded by Adii Pienaar in 2007, Woothemes is a company that designs and develops customisable themes and plugins for WordPress. The company now generates about $3 million in annual revenues. As more people use WordPress worldwide and the digital revolution expands, use of customisable themes and plugins is set to become more popular.



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