Unique Money Making Ideas


It would seem in most overseas countries such as America, you can get paid for just about anything from selling your hair. To searching through others trash to find items that can be repaired, sold, and recycled can be a profitable venture.

To selling your body to science by participating in clinical research studies or getting paid to shop as a Mystery shopper. This is when you visit your clients store to gather consumer’s opinions about the client’s product. The list is endless.

And when it comes to South Africa (SA), here are some unique money making ideas that you can try out.

Using your car as a billboard

Many businesses will pay you on a monthly basis to use your vehicle as a mobile billboard. It’s called Car wrapping. If you’re eligible you can receive money each month for simply driving around town with your car decorated with your favorite brand names.

In SA there’s BrandPromo which advertising pays between R1000 – R4000 and Brandyourcar.com an idea from Primedia UnLimited, rates range from R1000 a month to R2 000, depending on the value of the car. It’s a matter of matching advertiser’s objectives with a selection of cars and drivers who meet their criteria.

Start a Blog

It’s simply much more than writing about what interests you. You can actually make money from blogging. By setting up advertising on your blog and getting paid when your visitors click on those ads. And that’s a great way to monetize your blog.

You can join The Google Adsense program an online marketing system owned by Google. Google Adsense display ads that are related to the contents of your webpage and have a monthly minimum payout of R1000ZA for South African publishers.

Selling Products Online

There are many online market places that allow you to sell most every conceivable product. OLX, Gumtree and Kalahari are but a few names that come to mind.

Online Financial Trading

Get into financial trading through an online broker and make money by correctly predicting price movements in the financial markets. Just as how SA’s youngest millionaire Sandile Shezi gained his fortune. Through Forex trading an over-the-counter market in which the currencies of the world are traded. Now as the co-owner and founder of the Global Forex Institute. This aims at providing affordable, effective Forex training that works, to the masses on doing the same thing that Shezi did.


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