Unnecessary Spending – Millennial Behaviour


Unnecessary spending -millennial behaviour

As the behaviour of the South African economy is diving, South Africans are fast increasing their annual spending behaviour and below are some unnecessary spending behaviours.

  1. Convenient snacks and drinks: Try to adjust on your spending behaviour when it comes to spending money on snacks and drinks as they finish off your money. Foods and drinks at events and nearby shops are very tempting, you end up spending more money in a week.
  2. Beauty products: It’s best to spend money on health products that maintain your beauty than buying mysterious chemicals with an inexplicably high price tag. Some of these fragments are harmful to your body, it’s better to buy soaps and personal hygiene products first and avoid cosmetics altogether.
  3. New clothes: Buying clothes for cash is the worst thing to do. It’s better to do a lay bye or buy cheap second hand clothes at charity thrift shops and other used clothing stores.
  4. Staying in overpriced hotels: Nowadays no one needs to stay in expensive hotels. If you have travelled to a place far from home, it’s best to stay at a friend’s or relatives’ place. If you don’t know anyone in that are, do a quick research about cheap, safe and affordable lodges before you travel. Doing that will save your money in a big way.
  5. Entertainment: Buying books, going to the cinema, watching football at a stadium can negatively impact on your financial life. To easy yourself out from this is by going at a local library to read books, watch soccer from your TV at home and borrow movies from your friend to avoid the hussle of going to the cinemas.
  6. Apps: Some unnecessary apps on your phone chews away your bandwidth/bundles. Only leave apps that are useful to you. Most importantly you should turn off your data bundles if you are not using them. Failure to do that keeps you on a data spending spree.



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