Use The MasterCard App To Pay – By Using Your Selfie

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MasterCard has introduced a smartphone app that verifies your credit card transactions by taking a selfie. This removes the hassle of you having to remember passwords when making credit card payments. This way, you can still make purchases if you’ve forgotten your wallet or purse at home.

How does it work?

The app uses facial recognition technology to process transactions. It allows you to use your fingerprint or picture of your face to authorise a transaction.

All you have to do is blink into your phone’s camera. The app will then map your face, verify your identity and approve your transaction.

This is easier and more secure than using a PIN or password.

Is it secure?

MasterCard assures users of the app that no photograph of your face is ever stored or uploaded to MasterCard servers.

Ajay Bhalla, MasterCard’s security specialist promises that the company won’t be able to reconstruct your face. Users will be required to blink, so that a photograph cannot be used.

Currently in testing mode, 500 users are trying the technology out.

The technology may arrive just on time as the popularity of contactless payments soars worldwide.

MasterCard told CNNMoney that it has partnered with every smartphone maker, including Apple, BlackBerry, Google, Microsoft and Samsung.

In addition, Bhalla has revealed that the company is working on voice recognition technology. A further revelation made by MasterCard is that the company is working with a Canadian firm, Nymi, to develop technology that will approve transactions by recognising your unique heartbeat.


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