V Rentals – Leader in Car Rentals


V Rentals is a car rentals institution that has established itself as a leader. The institution specialises in the provision of cash rentals – a unique offering by any standards. V Rentals provides long and short term car and van hire at the best prices in South Africa. The institution prides itself on being able to provide excellence in the rental and leasing business. 

Tell me more about V Rentals?

Rent to Own:

This option gives clients the chance to rent a vehicle on a specific long term contact and to become the owner of that vehicle after a specified period. V Rentals gives you the choice of acquiring any make/model with the colour and performance of your choice. As a client, you can pay a monthly amount which will be used to offset the cost of the vehicle.

One way Rental:

With this offer, a vehicle is picked up at one rental location and clients can drop it off at a different rental location. In addition, there is no limitation regarding the number of kilometres that may be driven in the rental car.

Vehicles that can be rented are one year old models, although some can be two or three year old models.

A deposit is charged, which is an amount that will be held at initiation. When the vehicle is returned the deposit will be paid back.

Blacklisted individuals are welcome.

Payment methods accepted:

  • All major credit cards
  • Cash deposits
  • Debit, savings and cheque cards

What are the V Rental qualifying criteria?

V Rentals offers solutions for individuals 18 years or older. For Americans, individuals need to have had their drivers’ licence for at least two years.

Clients who are under 23 years will have to pay a young drivers fee, which is about R100 per day.

Documents required include: 

  • ID/Passport
  • Drivers’ Licence
  • Latest Proof of residence
  • Latest Proof of Employment
  • Latest bank statement /Official proof of bank details

Contact V rentals by calling 031 208 4826. Or email: info@vrentals.co.za

Visit their website www.vrentals.co.za


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