Virgin Insurance – Reliable Solutions for Unpredictable Circumstances


The Virgin Group, founded by Sir Richard Branson provides a range of products and services on a global scale. The organisation has steadily created a reputation as a reliable, professional provider of quality services. An important sector of its business operations is the financial services division- designed to meet the financial needs of clients in the most personalized way. Insurance is often a costly yet necessary part of many budgets today. Accidents, fires, water damage, theft and other incidents can wreak havoc on property, vehicles or even personal possessions. Having insurance to cover you through these moments is highly useful and can safely be regarded as a necessity in today’s unpredictable environments.

Virgin Insurance is a financial services provider which provides clients with a range of insurance products to cover their essential needs. The institution offers vehicle insurance, home contents and buildings insurance, life and funeral insurance, business insurance and cover for portable possessions.

Policies are designed in line with Virgin’s goal to go the extra mile for clients. A number of helpful benefits are included, on each type of insurance product:

Vehicle Insurance benefits include no basic motor excess for claims over R5000 on the insured car for you and your partner/spouse. There is also a fixed premium for 12 months, even if you claim.

Home Contents and Buildings Insurance offers clients fixed premiums for 12 months, even if they claim.

Life and funeral insurance from Virgin pays out approved claims within 48 hours as long as all documentation has been submitted.

Business Insurance Benefits include a fixed premium for 12 months as well as a comprehensive Business Assist package.

Depending on your policy type, Virgin also offers a variety of Assist products, such as Accident Assist, Road Assist, Home Assist, Home Assist and Personal Assist.

Contact Virgin Insurance by calling: 0860 10 91 93.


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