Visa IntelliLink Spend Management


Good business management entails maximising your profitability, both through sales and by being internally financially responsible. By implementing good practices right away, you are likely to benefit in the long run. Effective expenditure management however requires flexible, intuitive and on demand access to information.The Absa Visa IntelliLink Spend Management supported by data solutions provides you with the necessary information and tools to help you make better business decisions.

When you use your Absa commercial card to pay for business purchases,you can receive transaction data on your corporate spend.This is enabled through the Visa IntelliLink spend management solution, which is a complete online reporting and full feature expense management tool that is fully integrated on a single web based platform.This platform also provides a central travel account module to manage travel lodge spend and consolidate travel data for detailed reporting of where, when and how travel is taking place.This set up enables spend reconciliation at individual employee level, cost centre or project code level.

Visa IntelliLink provides reporting, expense management and data extract functionality. Your company can view and analyse both card and non-card transaction data and generate customised spend reports by cardholder, department or supplier. Expense reporting is made easy as transactions are automatically uploaded and can be GL-coded. This facility also provides global functionality with full language and currency support at local level, rolling up to a global view for visibility across markets.

Visa IntelliLink is a must have and it can help to make organisational expenditure more visible to your company and enable you to monitor employee compliance with company policies. It can also help you to drive process efficiency, manage supplier relationships and reduce costs.


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