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Volkswagen finance

The list of giant automobile manufacturing companies around the world can never be complete without the mention of Volkswagen or VW as it is popularly known. VW is a German automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Wolfsburg.This giant German brand has three cars in the top ten list of best-selling cars of all time and ranks first in spending the most money of any automaker on research and development. In order to be an effective partner to the masses, VW launched its financial services division.

Volkswagen Financial Services is a division of Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa.This financial concern was set up in order to provide simple and effective finance solutions for clients.This finance is provided through Instalment Sale and Lease options.

Instalment Sale entails that there is an agreement  between a buyer and a seller which is used to purchase goods by making payment instalments over an agreed period of time.The buyer is charged interest on the amount of the original price still to be paid, as well as other charges relating to the granting of credit.

Lease financing option is an agreement between a seller and a customer which allows for the customer to be given use of the vehicle for an agreed lease payment amount over a fixed period of time.The customer is required to keep the vehicle for the full period and must pay the seller all the lease payments that are due over that period.The customer normally has the right to terminate the agreement early by buying the vehicle from the seller. At the end of the agreed period, the customer must either buy the vehicle or extend the lease period.

To access this finance, Volkswagen Finance can be contacted on 0860434737.
Volkswagen finance


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