Volunteer Work: What are the Benefits?


Learn or Develop a New Skill

By volunteering you have a chance to learn new skills. Associating yourself with an organisation that requires skilled individuals to contribute will likely mean that you have the chance to develop a new skill.

Be part of a community

One of the main benefits of volunteer work is that individuals get to become part of a community. Volunteer work allows you to look beyond yourself and contribute to a greater cause by uniting with a community.

Gain a sense of motivation and achievement

Volunteering allows individuals to gain a sense of pride by contributing to something positive. Volunteering to gain some work experience may also open new doors to new opportunities.

Boost your career options

Volunteering offers new opportunities and may encourage a different way of thinking in terms of career options. The skills gained through volunteering may prove to be invaluable by offering ways of getting into different career paths.

Volunteering is really a simple way of learning new skills which could be applied in various work settings.

Some companies may offer volunteering opportunities and share knowledge and training for free.

Gain new life experiences

Volunteering for a non-profit organisation may open your eyes to new experiences and teach you about different ways of living as well as the challenges faced by different communities.

Gain confidence and make a difference

Volunteer work may give you a sense of purpose and you may gain more confidence in your abilities. You may also have a lot of fun in the process and get the chance to form new opportunities.

Work in an industry that interests you

Volunteer work gives you an opportunity to work in an industry that interests you, giving you new insights into how it works.

It’s a great way of standing out from the crowd

When applying for a job, potential employers may considerate it favourable when applicants have some volunteer work experience.


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