VUM Taxi Insurance

While you’re out there on the South African roads with your taxi it will be vroom, vroom, and vroom all the way because Vum Taxi Insurance has you covered. It’s a specialist taxi insurance that’s underwritten by Santam Insurance. Whether you’re an owner of a sedan, minibus, midibus, tuk-tuk or metered cab as long as someone is paying to be transported in your car Vum Taxi Insurance will cover you.  

As VUM offer the widest range of insurance products for these types of vehicles beyond the normal Comprehensive Insurance, you can get additional cover too.

Such as Fixed Expenses where you’ll be paid a set amount each week while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced following an accident or theft.

Passenger Liability for protection against legal liability to passengers after an accident, this cover you should consider especially if your clients do travel to other countries. VUM taxi clients can get passenger liability at a reduced insurance premium. The monthly cost range from as little as R5 a month for R500 000 cover to R20 a month for R2.5 million cover. Higher limits can also be purchased, all the way up to R25 million.

Personal compensation for the driver and/or passengers if they’re killed or permanently disabled in an accident and Credit Protection if your vehicle is written off and you still owe the bank. The outstanding amount will be settled by the insurer.

Vum Taxi Insurers will also insure your sound equipment, provide cover for your luggage trailers and cover you for fire and theft for up to 2 million.

Whether you’re using your vehicle as a full-time or part-time taxi, remember to inform the insurer about it so that your policy can be underwritten properly.  It’s also important to remember that the insurance policy will not cover you if you carry more passengers in the vehicle than what it’s built or licensed to carry. And if your vehicle is licensed to carry five people and you’re involved in an accident when there are six or more occupants, your claim will not be paid.

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