Weird Places People are Playing Pokémon Go


In the countries where Pokémon Go has launched such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Germany and the U.S. It has become a phenomenon. And Pokémon Go players are documenting through their social media accounts like Instagram and such some of the strangest places they’ve caught Pokémon.

The weird places where people are playing Pokémon Go have just shown how the game has escalated. Proving the Pokémon Go fever, which people catch whilst catching ‘em all about town from just only finding Pokémon at the neighbourhood park. To now even at weddings proves you definitely can’t quit these virtual critters.

Some of the unusual Pokémon sightings have even seen overseas police getting it in on the action. While other Pokémon have been sighted in a war zone or on a plane.

And they’ve been lots of Pokémon to be had at Baseball Games, which seem to be a favourite for these little pocket monsters. Users have reported catching Lickitung along with many others.

Other users of the game have even spotted these virtual pets on their actual real life pets at home. While another user caught a Pokémon in their bird cage and surprisingly also Pokémon’s have been sighted at sandwich shops. Would you like your sandwich with a Pokémon Evelee and avocado topping?

And a staggering number of sightings of Pokémon have even shown up in bathrooms and that’s not even the craziest of it all. Pidgey even showed up at the hospital to help a woman give birth while Squirtle was found at a funeral service.


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