Well Paying Entry Level Jobs in South Africa

Entry level jobs

Whether you have just finished your studies at TUKS, Rhodes, or Stellenbosch, you need to start working. Chances are that you are like a racehorse, psyched with adrenaline to enter the working environment, ready to a make money. You most properly will start with entry level jobs accompanied with entry level salaries, but keep in mind that the amount of practical experience you gained during your studies, will help increase your chances of getting better pay.

You must also keep in mind that experienced gain in the working sector is something that comes with time. If you are shocked about the entry level jobs and their salaries, do not get discouraged, you will grow in your position and so will your salary.

Here is a list of some of the jobs that pays very well on entry level:

  • A Senior Project Engineer R49,191 – R67,234
  • Chartered Accountant R41,216 – R49,475
  • Accounting R29,668 – R34,921
  • Risk Management R33,337 – R4,919
  • Financial Management R40,867 – R48,526
  • Technical & Business Architecture R36,43 – R46,250
  • IT Management R38,455 – R45,383
  • System Analysis R33,406 – R42,040
  • Plant Management R36,369 – R44,776
  • Logistics Management R33,813 – R41,553
  • Architecture R149,9,33 – R30,833
  • Civil Engineer R28,352 – R38,383
  • Structural Engineer R31,578 – R43,297
  • Project Engineer R37, 141 – R53, 872

When you want entry level jobs that pay well, Gauteng is the province you need to call home. Statistically speaking, Gauteng pays higher salaries compared nationally and the Western Cape pays less except for the telecommunications and construction sectors. Men dominate most of the gender representation while women dominate in the finance, marketing, and admin fields. Men and women are equally represented in the sales sector.

IT salaries have increased with 20% and Computer Science Engineering is said to be the academic field of the future. This is truly inspiring news to graduating students.


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