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Buying a car can be tremendous fun! However, don’t be guided by your emotions. Be wise, take your time and evaluate every detail about the car you want to buy.

What can you afford?

Affordability is about more than just your monthly finance payments. You need to consider the cost of fuel, maintenance, insurance, any deposits that may be required and the potential increased payments should interest rates rise. Don’t let racing red shiny paint and lovely leather seats distract you from the things that have real value.

Before you buy, find out what the insurance costs are likely to be. Cars considered to be at greater risk of hijacking or theft incur higher insurance premiums. Also consider maintenance costs. Some car makes have readily available parts and can be serviced at any reputable service centre. Other brands require expensive parts, and specialist brand service centres can be exorbitant.

Does it have a Full Service History?

When browsing ads in the classifieds or car trading magazines you’ll often see the acronym FSH. This means the car has a Full Service History and you can see where and when it has been serviced. A car with a full service history offers some peace of mind because you have insight into how it has been maintained and looked after, and you can contact the service centres for more information should you need to.

So you’ve done your homework, you’re satisfied that the car you’ve chosen is the one for you. You’ve done the calculations and believe you can afford the price you and the seller have agreed upon. What’s next? You now need to apply for finance so that the sale can move forward.


payment protection, presuming a typical APR of 9.5%

12 months


24 months


36 months


48 months


60 months


72 months


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