What Are The Main Forms Of Entertainment?


What is entertainment? 

When one thinks of entertainment, their personal preferences and taste may drive what they deem worthy of the title. For the Mabuza family, sitting down to enjoy the latest episode of Date My Family every Sunday evening is considered entertainment.  

For Hloni and her best friend, heading out to the latest live music festivals is what they love.  

Mashudu and his crew would rather enjoy go-karting or paintball games together every other weekend.  

Entertainment holds the attention of the audience and tends to keep it captured for a certain duration of time. For that period, audiences may find themselves immersed in that activity, which then goes on to have an effect on brain activity, as chemicals are released. 

While forms of entertainment may vary, it may typically include storytelling, music, dance, performance, gaming, TV, radio or even comedy and festivals. Storytelling can be in the form of fireside stores in some places, while theatre has always found prominence as a form of entertainment too. Performance art often entertains audiences, while also finding a way to relay a positive or informative message. It may be funny and fun or it may have a serious purpose. 

One thing that is certain about entertainment is that it evolves. A clear example of this is gaming. The world of gaming has rapidly changed over the years, to offer even better quality gaming for enthusiasts. Gone are the pixelated games of the 80s and early 90s, replaced by tech that is driven by shifts to gaming on mobile platforms. Video games use new media, which means that the use of technology has an even bigger role to play. 

The form of entertainment’s audience may be passive or it may play an active role; it can be scripted or unscripted. 

While there may be main forms of entertainment, there are others that tend to operate on the periphery, but are quite popular in certain circles.


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