What Credit Analysts Look For?

  • The credit analyst once convinced that the consumer is deserving of credit, will act as the client’s advocate in presenting the application to the bank’s loan committee and also guiding it through the bank’s internal procedures.  
  • The details obtained are also used to finalise the loan documentation, terms, rates and any special agreements which need to be highlighted. 
  • A credit analyst is a profession who possess expert knowledge in evaluating the creditworthiness of securities, individuals and companies.  
  • They determine the likelihood that a borrower can repay their financial obligations by assessing the borrowers financial and credit history. 
  • They also determine whether the economic conditions are favourable for the consumer to pay back the loan.  
  • Credit analyst also evaluates financial statements using ratios to determine the credit scores of consumers. 
  • Credit analyst provide unbiased recommendations to banks that allow them to offer loans to individuals and businesses. 


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