What is a Virtual Credit Card?

virtual credit card

A virtual credit card refers to a disposable credit card, but it does not have a physical existence. It is linked your credit card and all relevant details like the card number, the expiry date and the CVV number will usually only be issued once and won’t be valid after the purchase.

Visual credit card can be used and was in the same manner as a regular credit card with a few differences. You can see the limit of the temporary credit card according to your needs and it is linked to your physical credit card. This helps to protect the user from possible theft on his real credit card number as that will never be used.

There are a few significant benefits of facial credit card, including the ability to protect online users from credit card fraud. It remains of the credit card number from being stolen as this course will have a one-time use and the number won’t be pallet anymore. These virtual credit card will also often have a lower limit as it is mostly used for one-time purchases.

Another benefit of a virtual credit card is its convenience in allow the user to make online purchases without having to find the physical credit card first all that the user needs to remember is the virtual card number itself. This makes purchases much easier to handle.

Using a virtual credit card will also be limited the possibility of scam artists finding out what your credit card information is. Many companies offer free bonus if you enter your credit card details, if only for you to find out after a while that you have been charged for the full product. This won’t be able to happen with a virtual credit card.


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