What is Hotspot Billing Software?

Wifi Billing Software

Wireless Internet has become a very popular tool all around the world, with companies creating various hotspots for specific users. You will also find various hotspots in public areas like shopping malls and public parks, which will allow you a certain amount of free data when you connect to the hotspot. But in some cases you will be billed for using additional data.

Hotspot billing software is used to bowl your customers. If you have a hotspot setup onto which they connect when they want to use your service. When a customer accesses your hotspot they are automatically redirected to your login page. They enter the details and take it Internet access while the billing software that controls the duration, the speed and the amount of bandwidth that they are allowed to use.

You decide how you charge your customers, and this can either be time based work according to the amount of data they use. This is all controlled by the hotspot billing software you use. Another great benefit of the software is that you can create prepaid vouchers for your users. This means that when the access your hotspot. They simply enter the voucher details and they will receive free Internet access for as long as the voucher allows them to.

Hotspot access is a great option that you can use at your company, especially if you have a lot of employees. You can allow them a certain amount of free data per month and then build them at a very affordable rate for any additional usage as a company benefit. This can be used in public areas like recreational groups, lounges and even cafeterias.

Schools, universities and other public areas like restaurants and shopping malls can use the same benefits to allow their customers all students to access the Internet for a specific time free of charge or they can be billed at a very affordable rate.


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