What the New Mini Convertible 2017 has to Offer

The Cooper Convertible is the drop-top version of Mini’s iconic Cooper Hardtop model. The original 1959 model was produced by the British Motor Corporation.

Offering open air-seating for four, the new Mini Convertible 2017 is bigger than before.

Despite being bigger, as a third generation Mini, its lower weight improves the acceleration and fuel economy.

The power cloth soft top can be opened and closed in 18 seconds. With improved technology in cars in the 21st century, Mini Convertible 2017 drivers will be glad to know that the Always Open Timer tells the driver how many hours he or she has spent driving with the top down. The infotainment system runs on a high definition colour touch screen, while a toggle switch is used to start and stop the engine.

Another change is the speedometer that’s been moved from the centre of the dashboard to behind the steering wheel.

Mini Connected software groups the car’s entertainment, navigation and connectivity functions into a single unit.

With a six speed manual transmission and a six speed automatic offered at an extra cost, the Mini Convertible 2017 offers drivers a smooth ride that has come to be associated with the brand. With balanced weight-distribution, it makes fast cornering easier.

Drivers can choose from 3 driving modes, namely: Sport Mode, Green Mode and Mid-Mode.

It also comes with dual front airbags and side airbags that protect the body and head.

The Mini Convertible 2017 comes standard with a leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel, rear-sensing wipers a keyless ignition and automatic headlights. The bigger Mini size in general means the car comes with more interior space and more practical boot space, without losing its reputation as a sleek drop-top.

The Mini Convertible 2017 offers drivers a smooth drive, great handling and convenient technology.



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