What To Expect In The Future Of Social Media


With developments every day, social media is set to expand in numerous ways. The days of Facebook being the dominant social network are long gone. With the likes of Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram taking a piece of the pie, social media users have multiple options at their disposal. 

The developments can be quite difficult to keep up with – as each social network platform aims to out-do the next.  

Here’s what to expect in the future of social media: 

A Facebook study found that people look at videos five times longer than static content. Digital marketers have to find ways of incorporating more video content into their campaigns and should expect more such changes in the future of social media. Posts must be shorter in order to reach engagement targets.  

Posts with images get two times more engagement. The platform is also making it harder to reach followers organically. This is one of the reasons that it is slowly transforming into a paid marketing platform. 

On the positive side, Facebook Watch will change the game for video creators, facilitating the discovery of brands. The success of Jada Pinkett-Smith’s “Red Table Talk” has significantly contributed towards making the platform more popular. 

Instagram is set to become a firm favourite for companies and advertisers. It’s going to have quite a bit of competition from Pinterest, which also aims to target the same market. The difference is that it will be encouraging purchases. More video content is also being used on the platform. 

LinkedIn Ads are set to become more impactful with the launch of video ads. 

Younger users are fleeing to more private sites, which are easily accessible via mobile. 


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