What to Look for When Using Job Search Engines

There is no doubt that the internet has completely changed peoples’ lives worldwide. In addition to allowing for better communication, and providing access to a plethora of information, the internet has made the job search process much easier.

For people looking for employment, a number of options are available. There’s always the old-school way of buying a newspaper and searching the careers or classified section. Then there’s also the option of signing up with an employment agency.

The quickest and simplest way however, is usually using job search engines on the internet.

What are job search engines?

Job search engines scour the web and aggregate job listings from job boards and employer websites. There is a wider variety of job postings on job search engines because they contain listings from multiple sources.

For potential employers, job search engines have quickly become one of the fastest and easiest ways to get the talent to job postings.

What to look for when using job search engines?

Using job search engines is usually quite simple because you can usually search by location, keyword or both. Many of them are also very mobile job-seeker friendly.

International search options

The best job search engines don’t limit your search to just one country.

A place for you to upload your CV

You should search for a tab that allows you to upload your CV, making it easier to apply for jobs on the site in future.

A career tools or advice section

Some job search engines offer additional services, such as career advice.

Current listings

The best job search engines specialise in providing access to the latest job openings. They also provide results from multiple search engines.

Speciality listings, like those for temporary or contract workers

Job openings should vary.

The ability to find jobs by company or industry as well as options for email alerts will also be favourable.


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