What we can Expect From the Google Next Pixel Curved Screen Phone

Google_Next _Pixel_Curved_Screen_Phone

Google surprised a lot of consumers with the release of its Google Next Pixel phone. Rumor has it that the technology company is set to release the next version of the Pixel soon. 

The device is a follow-up to its flagship phone in 2016

Another rumour making the rounds is that Google is reportedly investing up to $875 million in LG Display to develop a stable supply of flexible OLED screens for its Pixel phones.

A popular trend in smartphone design, the curved screen is set to feature in more upcoming models.

What can we expect from the Google Next Pixel Curved Screen Phone?

Although information about specifications is still very scant, one expectation is that the device will come with a better camera.  Google already has one of the best cameras in an Android phone and the expectation is that this will only improve.

Leaks have revealed the two new devices, code-named muskie and walleye, are in development.

Better design is also expected. Consumers can likely look forward to no bezels and hopefully no similarity to the iPhone.

As is standard with most smartphones these days, the Next Pixel is expected to have a water resistance feature.

9to5 Google reports that Google is testing the Pixel with the new 835 chip. It may also opt to use an Intel SoC for its new Pixels.

The new device might cost more, but reports also suggest that Google is also testing a “Pixel 2B” handset, which would serve as a budget version of the flagship phone.

The premium handset is also expected to feature Quick Charge 4.0. Qualcomm technology- which claims that you’ll get five hours of battery life from a five minute charge. This technology has made life much more efficient and is set to feature in the Google Next Pixel Curved Screen Phone.



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