What you Need to Know about Pep Stores Money Transfers


As a leading retail outlet in South Africa, Pep Stores has expanded to offer quality services to South Africans as well as customers in other African countries. One of their most popular services is the Pep Stores Money Transfers solution.

At a cost of only R9,99, Pep Stores Money Transfers are simple ways for South Africans and other citizens residing in the country to send money. With Pep Stores Money Transfers there are options available to cash out your money transfer at any Shoprite, checkers or USave store.

You can do money transfers anywhere in South Africa at any Pep, Pep Cell or Pep Home Store.

What do you need to apply?

  • Valid South African ID
  • Your Pep Club Card
  • Your cell phone number

How to transfer money using Pep Stores Money Transfers:

Give the cashier the details of the person you are sending money to and how much you want to send.

You will receive two SMSes on your cell phone. One will be your withdrawal number and the other will be your access code.

Send the receiver the 10-digit withdrawal number and the 4-digit access code and tell the recipient how much money you have sent.

Pep Stores Money Transfers also work for transfers to Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia and Kenya. To use this service you need your ID and you must register for Mukuru.

You’ll then receive an SMS within 48 hours if your registration is successful.

Dial *130*567# or call 0860 018 555. You will receive an SMS with a reference number and payment details for your order. Bring your Mukuru order SMS to a Pep Store and give the cashier the reference number.

The details and payment will be confirmed, following which, a receipt will be issued. You should keep the receipt as proof of payment.



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