What Your Insurer Doesn’t Want You to Know about Your Quote for Car Insurance


Your insurance broker can typically get you four of five quotes

He or she may not be able to shop the entire market. If you choose to use the services of an agent you may be limited to only the insurance quote he or she offers you, based on their expertise and what the insurance company is looking for.

Your insurer will typically know if a ticket will jack up your car insurance rates

An agent knows which types of tickets won’t affect your rates. The best way you can avoid higher car insurance premiums is to do your best to drive safely and avoid speeding tickets.

Your insurer will know if you’re at risk for non-renewal

If you are at risk of non-renewal, your insurer isn’t likely to inform you. Chances are that they will continue charging you premiums until it is time for policy renewal.

The insurance company is not really “on your side” if you make a claim

The insurer will keep an eye on its bottom line when settling your claim. This means that the company will put its financial interests before your needs.

The insurer knows that certain types of claims will be rejected

If you don’t take the time to read your policy thoroughly and to understand what type of claims are accepted or rejected, you may find yourself facing financial challenges.

They know what you can do to lower your premiums

When selling you car insurance policies, your insurance company won’t tell you how you can save unless you ask.

Insurers can save a lot of money by having your car declared a total loss

Your car may be worth a lot less after it has been repaired

Your coverage doesn’t extend to your personal property

If you lose your personal belongings that were in your car if it was stolen this isn’t covered by your car insurance.



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