WhatsApp is free for Cell C subscribers

free whatsapp on cellc

WhatsApp has gained momentum in the last few years as an affordable way to communicate as compared to the traditional SMS. This innovation has made communicating easier and faster for people at a lesser cost. Data bundles are better suited for chatting in this instance as applications can devour one’s airtime. This has however become no bother to most Cell C customers.

Cell C has done it again by introducing another exciting promotion for its customers. WhatsApp is free until the end of the festive season. This comes as astounding news for customers who are now able to send pictures, voice messages, videos and text messaged through WhatsApp free of charge. All that is required from customers is that they have a positive balance. The promotion applies to customers on contract as well as prepaid users on the MegaBonus plan.
Cell C recognizes the vital role that social media plays in their customers’ lives. It definitely comes as exciting news to customers because this means this could be another way to save data. There is no worry of having enough data to use WhatsApp, therefore the data can be saved or used for other applications. This bold move by Cell C will surely make competing subscribers envious.

For Cell C customers who still don’t have WhatsApp for free, they can change their tariff plan in order to enjoy the promotion. By dialling *108# from a Cell C phone, customers will be on the MegaBonus tariff and enjoy free WhatsApp. Cell C is living up to its reputation by giving more rewards to its customers.
Cell C recognises instant-messaging services and social media as the future of mobile communications and therefore embrace the phenomenon. For more on this amazing promotion and other Cell C products, visit www.cellc.co.za.
free whatsapp on cellc


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