WhatsApp Voice-Calling Feature Spotted In The Wild


WhatsApp Voice-Calling
The majority of WhatsApp users will soon enjoy a new voice-calling facility in their WhatsApp mobile applications following a report by a few Android users that they’ve come across this feature – an indication that the company is running tests of this feature which is already used by social media applications like Viber, Skype and Facebook.

The report concerning this development was made when a user made this known on Reddit upon sending screenshots and video. The user said he activated this feature when someone who had it called him; the user is based in India.

According to the shared video, the new WhatsApp voice calling provides numerous standard call-handling options such as speakerphone setting, mute and a user is capable of keeping on sending messages while taking a call.

This feature is only available on the 2.11.508 WhatsApp version and cannot be found on the Google Play Store for a public download.

It seems WhatsApp wasn’t ready to let this feature go public considering that the calling facility still buggy and not fully useful. Another problem with this feature is that a WhatsApp user whose WhatsApp has this voice calling facility is the one who is able to call but other recipients can’t call him back.

Reports concerning this feature were made last year; the difference being that this time the feature can be passed to other users.

This development follows the introduction of WhatsApp desktop version, a facility that allows users to access the service through a web browser.


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