WhatSim: free WhatsApp chat anywhere in the world


Instant messaging fanatics will enjoy using the newly launched service WhatSim, an international service which allows subscribers to chat on WhatsApp for free with no limits anywhere in the world.

South Africa is amongst the countries that will benefit from this state of the art service. Also making it into the list are the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada.
Manuel Zanella, an engineer and founder of Zeromobile – Italy’s first Global Mobile Operator for low cost roaming, pioneered this service.
WhatSim ws only designed for SIM chatting. This new service connects to more than 400 network operators in about 150 countries thus it can connect to any provider whose network provides best coverage.

The services doesn’t require any manual searching if a subscriber move to another place but rather automatically searches for a new provider.

How much does it cost?
The product costs 10 pounds and is valid for a year; consumers will pay the same fee for renewal.

How it differs with WhatsApp?
WhatsApp’s multimedia services such as photos, videos, voice messages, or location and contacts, one has to put more credit. But with WhatSim, a subscriber with 5 ponds gets 1000 credits that he can use, for example, to exchange 50 photos or 10 videos in many countries around the world.
The new service’s credit usage is based on region.

For information regarding this new service, you can visit their website on www.whatsim.com/en/coverage


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