Where to Find Jobs Without Matric

Jobs with no matric

Since everything revolves around money in the world of today and you can’t really do much without it. And to obtain it you have to work for it, which means requiring a job. What are your prospects of a job without a matric?

Well it’s good to know that all is not bleak and there’s hope yet because not every job requires you to have matric. Some jobs rely on your talent and drive, such as those in sales.

As in some sales jobs if you’re the type of person who can sell your heart out with or without a matric your dedication is what will be realised more than anything. As mostly all you’ll need is a passion and hunger for sales. There’s also an option of working in a restaurant as a waiter or waitress.

And searching the job portals available on the internet is a possibility for finding a job.

Even though job hunting is a job, on its own for anyone and especially more so when you have no matric. As some jobs even though they state ‘no matric’, it only then turns out a requirement is a matric certificate. Therefore remember when doing a search you’ll still need to search through the many inappropriate results. As a number of them come up mixed in with jobs that do require matric, so read carefully and do not give up!  Start by looking at the following links…

Jobomas: Jobs available without matric

Mitula: South African Jobs with people with no matric

Jobtome: Jobs without matric

Gumtree:  Jobs for people without matric

And once you’ve sealed the deal and gained employment, it doesn’t stop there as you can start saving up money to study towards your matric certificate. Brainline – Matric for Adults would be perfect for you if you’re 18 or older and would like to achieve your matric.

Visit http://www.brainline.com/products/matric-for-adults/ for more information.


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