Which are the Best Money Management Apps?

Best Finance Apps

We scoured the web for the best money management apps you can use to manage your finances. Here are our top 5 finance apps, check them out.

22 Seven

From Old Mutual, 22 Seven is a free application designed for improving money management. The app lets you see all your money in one place. When using the app you are able to link bank accounts, credit and store cards, investments, loans and rewards.

The app gathers and updates and keeps all your transactions. It also essentially generates a budget for you, based on your own, actual behaviour. Every transaction is remembered and stored, so you know exactly where your money is going.

22 Seven is safe, secure and it comes with insurance, making it one of the best money management apps.

Monthly Budget Planner

This app from Microsoft is available for R50. It helps you plan, manage and track your budget on a monthly basis and helps you track your spending and set up a savings plan.

Debt Tracker:

The R20 app lets you easily track and analyse all your debts in one place. The app also allows you to see your progress as you pay your debts off.

Just Money

Just Money is a simple R20 app that allows you to manage your personal finances. If you are looking for the best money management apps, Just Money may be ideal for you. The minimalistic design makes it easy for you to add transactions. It will display your top expenses and deliver financial reports.


Mint is a free app that puts all your personal finance accounts into one place. The app can produce easy-to-read charts and graphs so that you can see exactly where your money is going.


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