Which Are The Most Expensive Travel Days for South Africans?

Expensive Travel Days

For many South Africans looking to travel across the country, there are a range of factors to consider. In addition to accommodation, fuel costs or flight costs, food and refreshments, some of the most expensive travel days for South Africans are also important to consider.

According to recent research, the most expensive travel days for South Africans to fly are during the Easter Period in April.

The Easter holidays in South Africa have recently come under quite a bit of scrutiny. In terms of the effect of the Christian holidays during the month of April on the South African economy, many businesses have lost out on valuable working hours.

During the Easter period when public schools have closed, many families choose to travel during the long weekend. Some families also make religious pilgrimage trips during this time, leading to congestion on the roads.

Businesses in the tourism sector experience booms during these periods however, when many South Africans may choose to travel.  The Two Oceans Half Marathon which takes place during the Easter weekend is also a contributing factor towards this trend.

Cape Town continues to be the most popular city for locals to travel to.

On average, it costs just over R1000 per day when going on holiday. This includes accommodation, food, transport and activities. These costs may double or even triple on the most expensive travel days for South Africans. Congestion on the roads for instance could lead to more money spent on fuel, while some businesses may charge peak rates as demand soars during this period.  This has a ripple effect on accommodation prices, and even the price of certain activities at particular resorts.

Before making a trip across the country, it’s important for individuals to budget ahead of time.


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