Which Wireless Earphones Pack The Best Bang For Your Buck?


There have been improvements in wireless transmission standards. Earphone technology has changed for the better, to offer crisp sound in the easiest ways possible. Previously, owning a pair of earphones typically meant finding one with the highest sound quality, with cabling that wouldn’t get damaged easily.  

With the advent of Bluetooth technology, however this new tech has become the latest craze to take over in the world of tech. 

The best wireless earphones have no cords attached. Users can enjoy wearing headphones a few feet from music players. 

Companies like Qualcomm, Jaybird and Plantronics have worked towards improving audio quality. 

There are a number of circumstances under which people can use wireless earphones. Runners who are enjoying a run on the road can do this freely, without the fear that they will end up with long entangled cords.  

Users looking for an experience that gives them the freedom to enjoy various activities on-the-go, while enjoying music without too many distractions, such as complicated cabling that gets in the way are most likely to love these accessories. 

OptomaNuforce BE Sport 4 

Offering 10 hour battery life, these wireless earphones have a wireless range of up to 10m. In addition to impressive audio, they also feature sound isolation. Offering a practical design, they also have a sleek, solid build. The lightweight functionality does well, while delivering a high-end performance. 

RHA MA 390 Wireless 

This pair of earphones offers an impressive 150ft wireless range. Users can enjoy dynamic sound, along with excellent performance overall. Additional benefits offered by this product include the solid 12 hour battery life and affordable price. 

OnePlus Bullets Wireless 

Weighing just 13 grams, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless earphones have an 8 hour battery life and balanced sound.  One of the best features of course, is the strong wireless connection.  


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