Who Pays More, Coca Cola, FNB, or Capitec?

Coca Cola careers

We see it when we go to the movies and we see it when we buy a take away meal, but the best part of it, is taking that very first sip… We are talking about Coca Cola of course, a well know beverage that ever since it first appeared on our shelves, have left his mark in many people’s lives globally.

Have you ever considered working at Coca Cola? The Coco- Cola Company is well known for its job satisfaction figures as well as benefits. If you live in the States, Coca Cola careers can earn you a whopping $44,791 as an Account Manager or $13,079 per hour as a merchandiser. If you a Business System Analyst, you can earn an average of $106, 94. A District Sales Manager can earn up to $63,936. These figures are complimented by employee benefits that include:

  • 3 week’s vacation time and paid time off
  • Excellent health insurance

If you live and work in the South Africa,   Coca Cola careers as a Packaging or Filling Machine Operator earns you an average of R17, 747 – R143, 460 annually. Being able to represent Coco-Cola as and Representative can earn you between R77, 955 – R260, 893 annually.

If you would rather work in an banking environment, FNB and a Capitec Bank Sales Consultants at FNB earns R59, 391 – R201,290, but at Capitec Bank, a Sales Consultant can earn up to R83,896 – R130,469. If you are in the IT industry, as a Java Software Developer, you can earn between R101, 592 – R324, 277 at Capitec Bank, but R197, 066 – R756, 917 at FNB. WOW.

If you are interested in a career at FNB Bank, you will be glad to know that they are highly rated there, job satisfaction is concerned, but he works stress at FNB is said to be more than at Capitec Bank. Unfortunately, Capitec does not provide medical benefits. This could be the deal breaker in my books.


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