Who To Trust With Your Finances When Resolving A Scam


Incidents of fraud can take time to resolve when done by customers themselves. Credit bureaus can be of assistance by solving scam cases such as identity theft. 

It’s vital however, that you ensure that you find ways to shield your finances when resolving a scam. There are some important steps to take to protect yourself financially after being scammed. 

Don’t make any more payments. This is a key step to keep in mind.  

Never believe anyone promising to get your lost funds back in exchange for a fee. If you have lost money, it’s best to notify the relevant authorities about the scam and enlist help from them with resolving the issue. 

Contact your bank immediately – especially the one you used to send the money through. The bank will have a policy for dealing with fraud. You can also instruct your financial institution to put a freeze on your finances where possible, which protects your funds from being stolen from your account while resolving a scam. The bank may be able to stop any transactions from going through if you have been scammed, so you need to keep them informed. 

Make sure that your passwords are long and complex, making it difficult to hack into your accounts. 

Equip yourself to recognise scams. By educating yourself more about the various types of scams, you are better equipped to handle any that you may come across. 

Make sure that you regularly review credit reports to uncover any unauthorised transactions.  Contact credit bureaus immediately if you find any suspicious behaviour on your credit report. Have this attended to immediately to prevent any further damage to your score and to prevent identity theft.


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