Who’s the Cheapest Car Insurance of Them All?


It’s so exciting to be able to buy, drive and own your own car, but owning a car comes with responsibilities of being a safe driver not only for yourself but also towards other motorists.

Adhering to the rules of the road is a good start and being vigilant, but sometimes mishaps occur beyond our control and that’s when car insurance comes into play.

And the great thing about this list of car insurance providers is that your money will go a very long way as its extra affordable car insurance.

King Price Insurance – It’s super cheap car insurance where you’ll instantly see your new, super cheap estimated premium. And the best part is it’s just going to get cheaper. Get to choose the access that best suits you and with the current climate changing consumer needs, price is king! Bottom line with this insurance company that decreases your monthly car insurance premiums every month as the value of your car depreciates. Visit: www.kingprice.co.za or call 0860 00 98 72.

And sometimes with car insurances it’s not only the cheapest in terms of money, but also in terms of value for money what you’ll get out.

At MiWay it’s car insurance that’s convenient and suits your budget while offering affordable premiums and low flat excess. Benefits like free roadside assistance and rewards even if you claimed. At MiWay whether you’re using your car for private, professional or business, you can tailor make insurance cover by adding car options and deciding which value you’d like your car to be insured for whether retail, market or trade.

And also if you prefer doing things online MiWay will reward you by simply activating your insurance policy online. MiWay will pay you an average full month’s premium after 3 months full premiums are received. Visit: www.miway.co.za or call 0860 64 64 64


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