Why Everyone is Saying Let’s Play Pokemon

Pokemon is a popular gaming franchise that evolved into a TV animated series and movies. The latest obsession with Pokemon is largely due to the new app, Pokemon Go. The game has taken the world by storm, with millions of people downloading the app on their smart devices.

Since it was established back in 1996, Pokemon has evolved into an n augmented reality game that has amassed millions of fans worldwide.

Here’s why everyone is saying “let’s play Pokemon!”

The Augmented Reality feature is quite exciting. The feature lets you find and catch Pokemon based on your real life location. It lets you incorporate virtual reality onto your phone – something which is likely to be the future of video game design.

It’s really popular

If you were wondering just how popular the game is, just consider that according to Survey Monkey Intelligence, the app is already the biggest game in U.S. history.

Over 21 million people (that’s in the US alone) are on the hunt for Pikachu’s friends.

Both young and old are enjoying Pokemon.

It’s fun and addictive

The app’s given millions of people a reason to explore and make new friends while they’re at it. It’s exciting and new, so it can get quite addictive.

More people are enjoying the social element of the game, forming groups for catching Pokemon and also attending special Pokemon events in their neighbourhoods or cities.


The 90s nostalgia is something that lots of people love about the Pokemon revival. The app takes the best parts of the 90s and fuses it with the best technology of 2016. So for most people who can remember the animated TV series from the 90s, or the die-hard gaming fans, saying “let’s play Pokemon” is the ideal way of going back in time and enjoying their favourite game.


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