Why the MacBook is so Popular


When Apple introduced their range of MacBook laptops, the goal was to “engineer a full-size experience” into the compact laptops. The desktop versions of Apple computers are known to be high quality, with impressive screens and boasting powerful output.

The MacBook range of laptops can often be regarded as miniature, but just as powerful (if not more) versions of the desktop computers.

MacBooks are often ideal for serious content creation or gaming. The company has also emphasised an improvement in the design, with Macs regarded by critics and consumers alike, as having the best screens.

MacBook screens boast anti-reflective coatings and high DPI display.

Apple’s range of computers is simple, including:

  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook
  • Mac mini
  • iMac
  • Mac Pro

What makes the MacBook so popular?

This 13, 1 mm thin notebook boasts a 12 inch retina display, with minimal design to avoid clutter. With faster flash storage, it also boasts up to 10 hours of battery life.

Windows-based PC users are often known for lamenting how their security has been compromised. Macs, on the other hand, are continually shown to suffer fewer attacks.

The software is equally impressive, with useful apps including Photos, iMovie, Garageband, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, FaceTime, iTunes, iMaps and more. You can also run Word, Excel, PowerPoint and outlook on a MacBook.

The thinner keyboard is for “allowing for more comfortable, precise and responsive typing”, while the 1866 MHz memory is complemented by faster flash storage.

The Force Touch trackpad is “engineered to deliver a responsive, uniform click no matter where you press the surface”.

The USB-C port is a single port designed to be used in a range of ways. The port can be used for charging, data transfer and video output, while the Digital AV Multiport Adapter lets you connect your MacBook to an HDMI display.


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