Women in the workplace – the shift 


The new wave of women is here, and they’re slightly different from the mothers before them. They’re driven by emerging digital technology, changing family formations, growing educational levels and changing social mores.  

They also come with a different set of values, aspirations, tastes, preferences and tech and media behaviours. Keep an eye on their nuances of behaviour and belief, and let them know you understand their needs. 

2018 has been dubbed as the year of the female and when you look at movies like Ocean’s 8 which its lead and majority of the cast was predominately female. Fast forward to 2018 today’s modern women isn’t only about the house chores; they’re having babies whilst also furthering their studies to levels of Cum Laude and Honours degrees.  

And of course they’re also working just as hard as men and bringing home the money. Even working in industries that were predominately dubbed as male oriented whether that’s in Aviation flying a plane or in the mining and even technology fields. But this isn’t to say it’s an easy path for women as most still feel an overwhelming pressure to constantly prove themselves and capabilities.  

As well as that the pressure to manage a career while often being the provider and caregiver to young children and older relatives, is immense. But success at work means an increased focus on work, and time and energy are limited. Even with things like Maternity leave and benefits being an issue, like maybe your job position not being there shortly after your return. 

And very few jobs really cater to the needs of the working mom, whether even if it’s having daycare facilities within the office buildings etc. Also a deliberate effort is required by companies to interrogate their own people practices and pay gaps when it comes to men and women as diversity, inclusion and equality are finally getting a seat at the table. A woman in the workplace is so much more than gaining a job it’s about establishing independence.

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