Woolworths Gold Credit Card

Woolworths Gold Credit Card

Get your hands on a Woolworths Gold Credit Card and get rewarded, receive products on discounts and save on insurance.

A Woolworths Gold Credit Card is for far more than just purchasing clothes from the store as well as food from the food shop. As the more you shop a fraction of the money that you spend you can get back in rewards and discounts. Readily use your credit card instead of your debit one to shop so that you generate reward points, which can be turned into cash or shopping discounts.

With the Woolworths Gold Credit card get 2% back in Wvouchers on all Woolworth’s purchases each and every time you swipe. And automatically become part of the stores WRewards programme. This offers you exclusive special lower prices and other benefits such as 15% off selected WRewards items in Woolies stores.

Also by using credit cards for paying at stores, you’ll save money. As you’ll not get charged any fee if you use your credit card for paying for purchases directly at the point of sale. Unlike when purchasing with a debit card, which does charge fees for this service. And with the Woolworths Gold Credit card enjoy a no transaction fee on fuel purchases.

Also save on insurance as the Woolworths Gold credit card comes with automatic basic travel insurance. This is automatically included when you purchase an international airline ticket using your card. And you can expect the insurance which you get with your card to be quite comprehensive. Typically, offering Emergency Medical and Associated Expenses as well as Personal Accident cover. It also includes our 24-hour Woolworths Travel Assistant help line which provides access to various services: Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation, Return of Mortal Remains, Transmission of Urgent messages and Legal Assistance abroad.

And also free to Gold Woolworths credit card holders is medical and legal assistance for you and your family and you can also get more back elsewhere in WVouchers on all purchases outside of Woolworths.

To qualify for the Woolworths gold credit card your monthly income needs to be more than R 10 000. And if you have a valid S.A. identity number and can provide latest three payslips and last three months bank statements or utility bill as proof of residence. And you’re 18 years and older apply for your Woolworths credit card application online.

Visit www.woolworths.co.za to apply. The online application process for the Woolworths credit cards is estimated to take 5 minutes.



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