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woolworths loans

The retail industry in South Africa has continued to grow over the years.The growth of this sector has been largely influenced by economic conditions that consumers find themselves in. Amongst others, these include the level of interest rate, inflation and economic. For South Africa, the stable economic environment has allowed consumers to spend more and constantly seek new credit and finance avenues. As part of this growing retail sector, South Africa’s major retail giant Woolworths introduced personal loans.

The Woolworths personal loans have been designed to assist customers to meet pressing personal needs such as education fees, medical expenses, grocery needs and other unforseen expenses.This revolving personal loan is paid out within 48 hours and has flexible repayment terms of up to 60 months.

This loan also has low monthly service and initiation fees, flexibility to increase your limit should you need extra funds, flexibility to settle early without penalties, flexibility to make additional payments towards your loan and the convenience of accessing cash through the interactive voice message system.

To qualify for this loan, one must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid South African ID, be permanently employed and earn at least R2,000 per month and have a bank account where debit orders can be collected.

Loan calculator.

To access this loan, Woolworths can be contacted on 0861502010.
woolworths loans


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