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WumDrop, the taxi app specialists

WumDrop, the taxi app specialists

A safe and secure transport system is a key component of a nations development agenda. While emphasis is placed on motor vehicle ownership, it is also true that good public transport infrastructure is important too. The need to build good support structures and technology in transport is therefore of the essence. One firm applying itself in this regard is WumDrop.

WumDrop is a Cape Town based start-up which has developed an on demand courier in real-time which leverages on a technology app. WumDrop has embarked on providing smart phone apps for both drivers and customers. Once a customer loads the app and enters their credit card details, they will be able to set a pickup and drop off point. Once a delivery request is made, the driver app will display a delivery available alert which the driver can then accept or ignore.

In terms of billing, the driver will take a photo of the person that the package is delivered to, or at least take a photo of the persons business card. WumDrop is also in the process of making available an application programming interface to e-commerce stores, allowing them to plug into any online shop and allowing customers to select WumDrop as their delivery method.

Clients can truly count on this innovative and technologically inspired courier service.


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