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Mi Mix Mobile Phone

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review

Even though it will only be sold in China, the Xiaomi Mi Mix has generated quite a bit of buzz in recent months worldwide. As smartphones become increasingly challenging to improve upon, the team at Xiaomi has demonstrated the exact opposite.

One of the most unique factors of the phone is its huge display, which ultimately means that the phone is essentially almost bezel-less.

Close in height to the iPhone 7 Plus, the ceramic-made Xiaomi Mi Mix can be quite difficult to hold comfortably. Featuring carefully-rounded corners and far edges, the phone has a stunning design, despite it being quite fingerprint prone.

The camera had to be removed from the top, along with the speakers. The camera can now be found at the bottom – something which makes taking selfies tricky – unless you get creative with the direction the phone is held.

Someone this particular design feature can be attributed to is Philippe Starck, the French designer, who also was the name behind the design of Steve Jobs’ yacht, “Venus”.

In terms of screen resolution, the device is disappointing. Its screen pales compared to the 4K phones flooding the smartphone market. More saturation makes everything on screen look more vibrant. Unfortunately, it lacks the cool new technology like the iPhone 8’s screen face unlock feature.

Navigating the large screen can be easier with QuickBall, which is a toggle that can be added at the bottom or anywhere users choose. Another benefit of the Xiaomi Mi Mix is that it comes with a reading mode that reduces glare.

A unique factor about the phone with its large screen, is that when using the camera, the entire screen can become the view finder.

The camera doesn’t entirely disappoint, even though the photos do lack sharpness and crispness.

Gamers won’t be disappointed with this device. The combination of 4GB of RAM and Snapdragon 821 means that it can only perform beautifully when gaming. The user interface is also great. Storage options range between 128GB and 256GB – which makes sense because there is no micro SD slot.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix is an impressive device, bringing even more excitement into the world of smartphones.


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