You Insure Car Insurance – Insurance Tailored to Suit Your Needs


At You Insure, you get to pick and choose an insurance package that’s as unique as you are. You’ll receive a package that’s been tailored to your circumstances. 

Getting car insurance is a necessity nowadays and with You Insure Car Insurance you get cover for the use of a vehicle in South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

The premium is guaranteed for 12 months and you’ll also receive a maximum of R1500 in medical costs per passenger. An added benefit offered by You Insure Car Insurance is free Youi Assist Roadside assistance 24/7.

Comprehensive Cover:

This type of cover is enough for you no matter what happens – it’s an all-inclusive package. With this type of cover you can insure any type of vehicle against damage or loss caused by acts of nature, theft, hijacking, attempted theft or hijacking, intentional damage, liability, fire and accidental damage.

Basic Cover:

This is a low-cost, basic alternative to full-on, comprehensive car, contents and buildings insurance. Excess is set at a default of R1000 for car insurance, while it’s set at R300 for Youi Basic Contents and Buildings Cover.

This type of cover is ideal for cars older than five years, paid off and worth less than R50 000. You Insure Car Insurance will pay you up to 25% of the insured value when your vehicle is damaged because of fire, earthquake, explosion, snow, flood or storm. If your vehicle is stolen, You Insure Car insurance will pay up to 60% of the insured value.

Why choose You Insure Car Insurance?

  • Youi Rewards gets you money back in your pocket, even if you claim.
  • Youi Assist provides you with emergency assistance 24/7.

To contact You Insure Car Insurance, call: 086 000 9684

Visit their website here:


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