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It is not a secret that South Africa has one of the largest telecommunications markets on the African continent. Statistics show that there are approximately 59,474,500 cellphones in the hands of consumers around the country. Mobile phones have not only become a necessity but have become accessories and fashion statements in many cases.This implies that the acquisition of a new handset comes with the question of how best to dispose off the old one. One business firm making this process stress free and profitable is Zwipit.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Madrid, Spain, this firm has launched its business footprint in South Africa promising consumers cash for their old phones and tablets.This fully automated service allows anyone with an old smartphone or tablet to sell it online and directly to Zwipit, knowing upfront what they can expect for it.The company will then have it couriered for free.There is also a business service that allows companies to sell old devices in bulk.

Zwipit will buy phones and tablets of any age that are still in demand which includes feature phones. A standard price is paid for devices based on their condition.The only phones which are not accepted are water damaged phones.

It is expected that Zwipit will buy around 10,000 devices a month. To get started, sellers simply have to fill in a questionnaire explaining their devices condition.

Zwipit can be contacted on 0861114528.



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