Zwipit opens doors in South Africa


Zwipit, a Spanish company that specializes in reusing mobile phones, opened its doors in South Africa on the 25 of November, writes TechCentral.
The company promised to pay customers for their old phones and tablets.

According to TechCentral, local Managing Director of Zwipit, Felix Martin-Aguilar said: “We have seen a 20% growth in Smartphone penetration in South Africa and the country is definitely mature enough for a service such as Zwipit.”

Anyone who is willing to sell their old gadgets can sell them online and the company can courier them for free. Zwipit will buy any phones or tablets regardless of age as long as they are in demand. Devices that are on demand can be accessed on the company’s website and payment takes a period of 10 days.

Meanwhile, the company pays a standard price for devices based on their condition hence a cracked screen is considered not to be working. The company won’t buy any water damaged phones.
“Pricing is based on demand and it is set by Zwipit globally, which we convert into local currency,” said Marketing and Operations Executive Nothando Moleketi.

When selling a phone, a seller is expected to fill in a questionnaire regarding the condition of their device. One has to provide their device’s IMEI number and delete all the information on their device. Moleketi said that the reason for providing IMEI numbers for crime related purposes. Anyone who sells a stolen phone can be reported to the police using the IMEI numbers which are checked against the network operators’ blacklists to ensure that no stolen devices are traded.



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