10 of the Highest Paying Jobs Today



As one of the highest paying jobs today, working as a surgeon requires a great number of specialised skills. The 10-year projected growth rate for these jobs is 18%.

According to recent studies, some of the highest paid professionals in the world operate in the medical department. These individuals are required to perform under highly stressful conditions and most require at least 15 years of medical training. The most lucrative jobs in this field are those of a brain surgeon and a heart surgeon.

Surgeons make approximately R476 000 to R1.2 million annually.

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)

CEOs are generally responsible for day-to-day operations within a company, as well as the operational efficiency of the workgroup. They are generally required to report progress to the board of directors.

Engineering Managers

Engineering Managers generally supervise information systems managers and natural science managers. Their job entails determining the technical and scientific goals of a certain project.


Pilots are required to operate with a high level of responsibility. For approximately R695 000 per annum, pilots are usually required to undergo at least 10 years of training and qualify as one of the highest paying jobs today. Various skills may be required and tasks may include the ability to test aircrafts, monitor traffic and to pilot cargo planes.


To become a lawyer, one has to undergo about 7 years of hard training. Depending on your specialisation, as a lawyer you could earn anything between R643 440 and R655 000 a year.

Air Traffic Controllers

As an air traffic controller you must oversee the safe operation of aircrafts at an airport. The job includes the coordination of air traffic movement and making sure that aircrafts are at a safe distance from one another at all times. This is a high risk job that requires no less than 9 years of training. It earns you R583 450 per annum.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

This individual is required to determine a company’s strategy regarding information technology and systems plans. This manager helps to keep the company on track with the constant changes in software.

Marketing Manager

This individual need to be able to handle pressure and must have excellent communication skills. They are tasked with coordinating marketing efforts and assessing a firm’s potential income.

Natural Sciences Manager

These individuals manage a number of scientists, like chemists, biologist and aerospace engineers.

Mechanical Engineers

The best paid engineers in this field earn about R325 138 per annum and they require skills such as Computer Aided Design and Project Management.



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