Who has the best Banking App in South Africa?


With changes in technology over the years, the banking industry has become one of the most efficient – giving clients fast, efficient services. As more banking institutions adapt to the digital era, more changes have been made to ensure that systems run smoothly and that clients make a smooth transition to better banking systems.

As smartphone technology continues to expand and improve daily, more people now have access to a wide array of applications.

More people are also using banking applications instead of the traditional route of visiting a bank branch to transfer funds or make payments to creditors.

In South Africa, the banking industry is efficient and on par with international banking standards in most cases. One way in which the industry continues to thrive is through technological innovations brought about.

When asking who has the best banking app in South Africa, there are a number of factors to consider.

A good banking app must be efficient, it must be effective and it should have a clean design with a simple interface.

Use of banking apps is expected to increase as more people get access to smartphone technology.

In South Africa, First National Bank (FNB) was the first bank to launch a mobile banking app in 2011. The bank’s app now has a base of over 1.5 million active devices and has gained a reputation as the best platform for day-to-day banking.

The FNB Banking app was ranked 4th best globally by My Private Banking Research in the category of Mobile apps for Wealth Management 2015.

In addition, according to the Columinate Internet Banking SITEisfaction survey, FNB earned the top spot for internet banking quality and user experience in South Africa.

The most popular transactions on the app are payments, account transfers and prepaid accounts.

“Users of the App have reduced their reliance on branches, ATMs and call centres to almost zero transactions per month,” said FNB Digital Banking’s Giuseppe Virgilito.

FNB arguably has the best banking app in South Africa, offering a range of solutions that are easily accessible and simple to use.



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