Netflix is Coming to South Africa

Netflix South Africa

Where you previously had to view an error screen, stating that Netflix wasn’t available in South Africa, you now get a new message, saying that Netflix is “coming soon to this part of the world.”

Users are reporting that region-blocking error screens on Roku media players are showing a different Netflix message than usual. Roku now claims that users see a message that says Netflix is “coming soon”, where they used to see an error that says “unavailable in your region.”

“Good news! Netflix will be coming soon to this part of the world. Stay tuned,” the message reads.

The standard error screen “not available in your region” will still be available on other platforms like Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Samsung TVs when trying to access Netflix from a South African Internet connection.

There is some speculation that Netflix will be in South Africa early in 2016 rather than later, but this still needs to be confirmed. This comes after Netflix confirmed that South Africa is part of its global expansion plan, which it expects to complete by the end of 2016.


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